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As Temperatures Rise Seniors Need To Take Precautions Against Overheating

It's Hot Outside - Take Precautions

Rising temperatures can present many dangers and it is important to be prepared.

Stay safe this summer

Upon writing this article, this is the 14th consecutive month that each month has broken the previous month’s heat record. Crazy, we know, but true. Everyone knows summer is hot, but this is something else altogether. This summer everyone, especially older adults, needs to remember to take extra precautions against the heat and dehydration, but that is especially true for seniors.

As we grow older, our bodies just ain’t what they used to be. It really is true that the aging process changes the way our bodies regulate temperature. This puts senior citizens at extra risk for heat related health problems like heat stroke, dehydration, heat exhaustion, and more. This means seniors are most at risk, and need to make that extra effort to stay safe in the heat.

There are lots of easy steps anyone can take to stay safe. If you are planning a trip outside, especially for an extended amount of time try to follows these simple precautions.

Overheating Indoors

Make sure that while you are indoors that your air conditioning is cooling your house appropriately. Check your air filter, especially if you suffer from allergies or asthma. Listen to the weather daily to keep track of high temperatures, this way you know when it’s too hot to go outside. Stay in cool, air-conditioned environments when it is too hot outside.

Pet Walking

If you have a pet that you enjoy walking around your neighborhood you might want In Home Personal Services to help. We offer pet services, and in this heat why not stay comfortable in your own home while your pet enjoys the outdoors. Plan outdoor activities for early in the day or later in the afternoon when the temperatures are typically lower.

Staying Cool & Hydrated

Thinking about enjoy some time outside with family and friends? Bring extra water bottles to stay hydrated. The high heat can cause extra perspiration leading to quickly becoming dehydrated. You need to remember that dehydration diminishes our ability to regulate temperature and that could cause an unexpected heat illness. Stay away from alcohol and caffeine which act as diuretics and cause your body to lose fluids.

Dress to Impress

When the days get hotter, dress smarter. Wear cooler, and more lightweight clothing. Consider bringing a hat that will help shade your head / neck. This will help keep your body temperature down and you will cool off better. Also, if you are going to be enjoying an outside event, try to find a shaded area either under a tree or umbrella. Shaded, covered areas are usually 10 – 20 degrees cooler than open areas.

Know the Symptoms and Beat the Heat

It’s important to recognize when the high heat and humidity is making you sick and the steps you should take to overcome the heat. The symptoms of overheating include sudden dizziness, thirst, headache, nausea, muscle spasm, cramps in your abdomen, arms or legs, fatigue, swelling in your ankles, lack of coordination, cold, clammy skin. If you or someone you’re with has any signs or symptoms you may want to seek emergency medical care.