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Bowes In Home Care and enTouch: A Competitive Edge in Home Care

In Home Personal Services sister company Bowes In Home Care has seen an upsurge in referrals since partnering with enTouch Network.

Bowes In Home Care announced a partnership with enTouch Network in the Chicago area in September 2018.

enTouch Network, a HIPPA-compliant electronic platform that is used for accepting referrals and coordinating patient care, has allowed Bowes to improve efficiency in the field and increase patient referrals.

Gloria Shields, Clinical Director of Transitional Care at Bowes, takes pride in Bowes’s transition from faxes and phone calls to an easy-to-use digital platform. enTouch has made it easier for Bowes to work with providers on the network for a smooth referral process.

“It’s a competitive edge to be on enTouch and to be part of a facility’s preferred provider network. It’s a much more efficient way to send referrals and share documents and it’s made us a more responsive partner.”

– Gloria Shields, RN BSN, Clinical Director of Transitional Care at Bowes In Home Care.

Shields started using enTouch in 2017 as a nurse liaison at Centegra Healthcare’s Huntley and McHenry, IL hospitals.

She used the “rally” feature to track medical reports of home care patients and shared those records in real time with the patients’ healthcare teams.

At Centegra, this led to stronger communication, quicker response times, and an overall improvement in patient care. These changes are also reflected throughout the Bowes team since the start of the partnership.

In fact, due to the advancement in communication and the ability to build better relationships through the network, Bowes has accepted 182 referrals from enTouch. Shields expects to see even more referrals as more providers join the network.

Bowes has also started to use enTouch to send electronic referrals upstream for patients who need to move from home health to skilled nursing.

Shields believes that strong connections between providers are crucial to providing the best care for patients. She hopes to see an increase in upstream referrals as more relationships are built.

“There’s not really a team commitment among different levels of post-acute care providers but I’m hopeful enTouch will help change that. As relationships develop and more providers see the job we do, we think they’ll see the value in building a partnership.”

– Gloria Shields, RN BSN, Clinical Director of Transitional Care at Bowes In Home Care.

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In Home Personal Services and Bowes In Home Care work in unison to provide non-medical and medical care for clients. With In Home Personal Services’ team of carefully trained caregivers and Bowes In Home Care’s team of dedicated and experienced nurses and healthcare providers, the sister companies work in tandem to ensure the best, high-quality care for clients based on their needs.

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