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Bowes In Home Care Partners with enTouch Network

In Home Personal Services sister company Bowes In Home Care has officially partnered with enTouch Network in the Chicago area.

The HIPPA-compliant enTouch Network, led by parent company Prepared Health, is set in place to improve the success of a patient’s in-home care experience. This technology allows healthcare providers and hospitals to stay connected in real-time and receive care updates as they happen. With the enTouch Network, everyone stays connected in real-time, receiving care updates as they happen, with automated alerts and artificial intelligence flagging opportunities for intervention and improving the odds a patient’s in-home care will be a success.

enTouch’s AI-based technology can detect patterns in data and can identify when the team needs to take action based on a patient’s condition. With this combination of technology and data, enTouch contributes to the technological transformation of the home health industry.

Bowes In Home Care is thrilled to partner with this healthcare technology program. Bowes uses enTouch to enhance their connection with their care patients to ensure a smooth transition from hospital to home. The program helps to improve their communication with hospitals to allow for more accuracy and efficiency for time-sensitive care.

“We are thrilled to partner with enTouch. The program is smart and simple, allowing us to have patient-specific, clinical discussions with the patient’s inpatient clinical team to ensure the most thorough transition of care.”

– Gloria Shields, RN BSN, Clinical Director of Transitional Care at Bowes In Home Care.

enTouch allows Bowes to:

    • Master transitional care to allow for easy communication with referral sources
    • Know when to intervene with patients more efficiently
    • Extend care management to support the patient’s caregivers
    • Get automated escalations to track a patient’s condition and care
    • Stay vigilant with fraud & potential security risks
    • Ensure HIPAA compliance involving technology systems

Read more about the partnership here.

In Home Personal Services and Bowes In Home Care work in unison to provide non-medical and medical care for clients. With In Home Personal Services’ team of carefully trained caregivers and Bowes In Home Care’s team of dedicated and experienced nurses and healthcare providers, the sister companies work in tandem to ensure the best, high-quality care for clients based on their needs.

In Home Personal Services has locations in Illinois, Florida, and Texas. If you or a loved one is in need of in-home care please contact us through our email or call us at 877.826.4477.