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Brain Exercises for Seniors

Why Brain Exercises are Important

Many seniors experience a loss of cognitive skills as they age, so it’s important to take part in daily brain exercises. Mental exercise is just as necessary as physical exercise because your brain needs to stay active in order to stay healthy.

Over time, brain exercises strengthen your thinking and reasoning skills and your memory and processing speed. This is crucial for seniors, because as you age, brain cells slowly deteriorate. You can lose important cognitive skills and your abilities can decline.

It’s critical to maintain cognitive skills as you age, because these skills allow you to perform various mental tasks. Cognition includes perceiving people and events accurately, finding creative solutions to problems, and recalling facts and information.

Other Cognitive Skills

  • Reasoning
  • Awareness
  • Perception
  • Knowledge
  • Intuition
  • Judgment

Just like physical exercise, you need to routinely participate in brain exercises in order to stay healthy. The more you use your brain, the more control you’ll have over those cognitive skills. Additionally, brain exercises will help to sharpen those skills and keep them lasting longer.


Seniors can incorporate brain exercises into their daily lives, and family members can help them. Make sure you pick the appropriate exercises based on abilities and interests. Here are some examples of brain exercises they can do:


Participating in art activities helps workout hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It also helps to make you feel happier because you get to be creative with the project you’re working on. Some crafts that seniors can work on are:

  • Coloring
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Sewing
  • Beadwork
  • Scrapbooking


Games and puzzles are a perfect way to keep a senior’s brain active and alert. These types of activities require constant thinking and fun. Examples of game and puzzles that are a good match for seniors are:

  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Card games
  • Bingo
  • Chess
  • Sudoku

Switching up a Routine

It is easy for the brain to get lazy if your routine is the same every day. Just making little changes to your routine will help your brain to actively think about what you’re doing. Examples of small changes you can make are:

  • Put your shoes on in reverse order
  • Use your non-dominant hand for a task; it’s an interesting challenge
  • Change the order in which you do tasks
  • Add on a new task each day


Socializing is another necessity to keep your brain healthy. Making an effort to talk to someone each day helps stimulate brain function and it also helps in the prevention against mental health issues. Get involved in meaningful conversations with the people around you. No matter the topic of the chat, these interactions are wonderful brain exercises for seniors.

Some seniors experience a faster mental decline than others, but actively helping them with their brain health results in immense benefits. Start these brain exercises as you age in order to delay the symptoms of poor cognition.

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