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Digital Health Tools for Senior Care

We live in a world where there are constant technological advances. It only makes sense to take advantage of the technology being created, and put it to use in a helpful and beneficial way.

Seniors tend to be weary of technology because they grew up in a time when it didn’t exist. But this doesn’t mean they aren’t using it. According to Health Data Management, about 80% of seniors have cell phone, and 60% regularly use computers.

A huge technological advancement that seniors should be aware of are digital health tools. There are a multitude of digital health tools out there, and it’s important for seniors to learn which tools can make life easier.

Benefits of Digital Health Tools

Home health monitoring

Many seniors prefer to live in the comfort of their own homes, and therefore turn to in-home care services. Home health monitoring tools allow seniors to communicate with caregivers and doctor without having to leave their home. According to Health Max 360, healthcare professionals refer seniors to the digital program and create a customized care plan.

Personal health records

Instead of having to keep track of papers and finding a safe place to keep medical information, seniors can use tools to digitally store their information. They can upload their health records and add in any additional information related to their health. This allows for seniors, family members, and caregivers to gain easy access at any given time.

Wireless health monitoring

Wireless technology can help seniors keep track of their vital signs daily and monitor their health regularly. This advanced technology can be connected with smartphone apps, putting their information right at their fingertips. This can also be useful for caregivers and family members who are assisting in health monitoring.

How to Encourage Seniors to Get on Board

Technology training

It’s important to teach seniors how to use today’s technology so they feel comfortable with it. Providing simple introductory classes give seniors more knowledge and insight, and they will be more likely to give technology a try.

Customize based on seniors’ needs

Match seniors with technology that will fit their specific needs. It can be very overwhelming for seniors to be immersed in too much technology, so eliminate anything unnecessary.

Explain technology benefits to seniors who want to live at home

Explain the impact that technology can have on them while living at home. Expressing the value of home health technology should provide them with comfort rather than concern.

How to Improve Digital Health Tools

It should include a variety of communication options

Digital health tools should always include a variety of communication methods including emails and phone calls. Maintaining certain aspects of familiarity will ease seniors into newer technology.

Consider health limitations

Always keep in the mind the physical and mental health limitations that some seniors may face and that may hinder their ability to use certain technologies. It’s crucial to make adjustments based on the individual needs of each senior.

Continuous patient education

Constantly and consistently educate seniors on evolving technology. It can be challenging and overwhelming trying to keep up with the latest technological advances. Training and education is key.

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