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Franchisees of the Year 2016

Congratulations to our Franchisees of the Year: Steve and Dr. Christina Paff!

In March of 2016 Dr. Christina Paff and her husband Steve Paff received their license to open an In Home Personal Services franchise in Florida, serving Brevard County and its surrounding areas. Dr. Paff’s expertise in the field of physical therapy, the Paffs commitment to providing care for the seniors in their area, and their desire to help those seniors maintain their independence have all been factors in their astonishing growth of 84% in just 8 months.

Apart from the day to day care they provide, the Paffs and the IHPS Brevard team went above and beyond during hurricane Matthew this past fall. The Paffs and their team evacuated each of their clients who were able. For those who were not able IHPS Brevard set up shelters for their clients to evacuate to, and had caregivers stay in the home with those who needed assistance during the storm. After the storm, the Paffs and their team came together to clean up the community, get their clients safely back into their homes, and make sure that they had enough food and supplies. Having first taken care of their community and its seniors, the Paffs then began their own clean-up efforts for their home and office. It is this type of attention that draws seniors to the care that IHPS of Brevard County has to offer.

Not only do their efforts benefit those in their care, but Christina and Steve also work tirelessly to help all of the seniors within their community. They are on the board of directors for a senior advocacy group – Helping Seniors of Brevard – and are currently working with that group to change local legislature to help make their county a more senior friendly community.

Their abundant growth, dedication to their mission, and selflessness on all fronts are just some of the reasons why we are proud to honor Dr. Christina Paff and Mr. Steve Paff of IHPS Brevard as Franchise of the Year for 2016. Congratulations!