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Senior Care Franchising Is The Fastest Growing Sector in the country today.

Home Care is a high demand and very profitable industry many entrepreneurs should consider. Quality in-home care, is now a vital part of the long-term care solution for millions because it provides seniors a choice where they want to be and how they want to live as they age. Tomorrow’s forecast? Gray. But for investors this means green. The Baby Boomers are hitting their 60s and 70s, and the need for home health care is going to spike, making it the perfect time to invest.

No specific training, education or experience required. We have one prevailing requirement. You must have a genuine desire to care for the elderly. Everything else we can train you, teach you and support you.

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Invest In Our Proven Business Model

The goal of this brand is to bring real world and substantial value to those that have trusted us with their care. We see our franchisees as the best resource to expand our care services model and meet the needs of countless seniors all across this country. Recent years have shown us all too clearly that the demand for home based senior care is in high demand. In Home Personal Services is poised in many, many ways to meet that demand well ahead of the competition and the expectations of the standard or norm for care today.

Minimum Cash Required: $45,750.00

Initial Franchise Fee: $7,500 to 32,500 (included as part of the Minimum Cash Requirement)

Net Worth Required:  None

Financing Available:  No

Royalty:  4%

Ad Fund: 0% – just one of many differentiators that make us a better option for our operators

Year Founded:  2004


we talk, discuss, explore, provide you insight into us so you can make an informed and measured decision about the senior care industry, our brand, the opportunity to join us and your desires as an entrepreneur.


we walk you through the process to get you ready to be your own business and launch in your protected territory. This includes a lot of effort behind the scenes from our team ensuring you are ready with licensure, compliance, and specific strategic business development strategies for the initial launch and through the first year and beyond.

Initial Training

we will teach you everything A-Z about the business model, operations, policies, procedures and the many, many advantages we hold as a proven business model giving you the framework to operate this business and grow. This will be virtual, in person classroom and on the job shadowing of our teams.

Business Development/Launch

we are there not only working to develop this area specific strategy with you, but we are there through the initial launch and initial 120 days working side by side to guide, support and assist you as you launch this business. By this phase we have provided you all the knowledge and resources you need for launch, but we are always here…

Ongoing Lifetime Support

that never ends. We are here as we always have been for the life of the franchise providing proactive training, support and response to your needs. We continue to support your efforts by developing, innovating and continuing to grow the brand by supporting your efforts. Our teams have specialized skills and experiences and there is no area of the operation we are not available to you 24/7/365.

franchise advantages

The Advantages of Choosing In Home

With over a decade of development intended to create a system of advantages, support and world class care In Home Personal Services has done the work to ensure we are in fact a leader in the industry as a forward thinking and innovative business model and care provider. That means we have an abundance of system differentiators for our franchise operators to provide a more entrepreneurial experience in the senior care industry that provides advantages that are not found anywhere else!

Proven Business Model:  Our business model is designed to keep costs low.

Low Investment, High Potential Revenue: We are service-based with no upfront build-out or inventory costs.

Premium Territories: Franchise receive premium protected territories.

Rapid Growth: Our model provides fast, friendly, & recurring business opportunities.

24/7 Support:  We provide support on all areas and aspects of the operation.

Continuous Support

Our Franchise Business Advisors Are Professionally-Trained Experts In The Senior Care Industry. We Provide Training In All Aspects Of The Operation.




Policies And Procedures(HR)

Marketing Initiatives

Business Development Strategies

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our Franchisees

Validation direct from those that were once considering joining the system and made the right decision to do so.

There is one prevailing trait all operators of an In Home Personal Services franchise must possess; A genuine desire to care for the elderly. This is a requirement in every job description throughout the entire organization. Today’s operators of our franchises come from all walks of life with different backgrounds, different skills and all bring value to the brand. There is no need for prior experience, specific job training or skills because we can and will train you. During your Discovery Days with us you will be invited, and encouraged, to speak to all of our current operators and here from them directly to gain their feedback and experience with the system, where they are today and why they chose to join this growing brand.

Our certificates

We have a proven business model with virtually no overhead. Our model provides, fast, friendly, and recurring business opportunities in a protected territory so our franchisees enjoy the growth of their system from the very start.

IHPS – Insights Success

In Home Personal Services is recognized as the #1 Healthcare Franchise to open in 2021 in the country by Insights Success Magazine to open in 2021. .

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Premium Territories

We have Prime Protected Territories available in all major US markets. We welcome a entrepreneur of all level, experience and background. Single unit, Multi-unit, Area Developer and Master Franchisors and even Conversion Unit opportunities are available.

  • Single Unit is the way many chose to start of and expand later. These operators select a protected territory to develop and expand from there.
  • Multi Unit is a strategy early on for those that already know they want to expand and take advantage early on to acquire multiple protected territories at an even lower cost.
  • Area Developer is the entrepreneur with an aggressive plan to develop multiple areas with the same or several states. These investors secure key markets of their choosing and launch new operations on a strategically planned calendar over the course of the first several years. Often with the end goal to resell the unit(s).
  • Master Franchisor is for the more experienced businessperson. A Master Franchisor purchases, at a lower rate a large area of contiguous protected territories with the option to develop and operate themselves or sell as the franchisor themselves, enjoying a royalty paid to them of their own from those operators.


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