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Seniors and the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July can be a fun time for all: Celebrating with people! Being out in the sun! Seeing the fireworks!

However, those crowds, fireworks, and sun exposure can also be difficult for seniors. As you are gearing up for festivities, be mindful of the senior in your life. See how they are coping with the events of the day, and take steps to ensure that the day is a pleasant one for everyone involved! Here are some tips to help your senior loved one experience a great Fourth of July.

Plan Senior-Friendly Activities

Having activities where the senior in your life can relax and enjoy their time while still being with the family is important. Here are a few popular and easy activities:

  • Barbecues are a popular activity on the 4th of July, and something that most seniors will enjoy and fondly reminisce on.
  • Involve your senior in crafts and cooking such as: making patriotic themed snacks, helping the children make flag crafts, throwing water balloons to cool off the rest of the family!
  • Watching movies inside to cool down from the heat. There are many patriotic themed movies to choose from!

Prepare for the Weather

If the weather cooperates with most people’s hopes and wishes then it will be a nice, hot day. Make sure that you/your senior loved one has sunscreen on. Bringing along hats and umbrellas can also help shield from the sun. If you are staying for the fireworks, or if it begins to rain, make sure to have a light jacket or blanket for warmth.

Allow For Quiet and Rest

Fourth of July can be a long day of festivities. It is helpful to have a spot where the senior in your life can rest. This can look like:

  • Having a room to retreat to if you are at a house.
  • Bringing a special chair for them to sit in if you are out at the park or beach.
  • Telling the grand kids and other family members to let the person rest for a little bit!

Whether you are having a small barbecue at home, or a large gathering at the park, including your senior relative and making them comfortable will help create positive memories for years to come!

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