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Seniors and Ice Cream

Summer is here! The bringer of our longest day, the season our country celebrates independence! Summer offers extended time with grandchildren, time at the beach, and….ice cream.  That’s right, ice cream. Arguably there is no better time for ice cream than summer. However…if you are caring for a senior then you know that when trying to provide a good nutritional diet, ice cream is not the ideal treat. More specifically, the problem is the sugar in the ice cream.

What, then can you do when those cravings for sugary sweets keep pestering you? Of course, one option is to go get some regular ice cream. If your doctor has not limited your diet in regards to ice cream then go ahead, but do so in a controlled way. A night binge on ice cream is not good for anybody! But have no fear, there are other options! Choices that will help to lower sugar-intake while still giving that craved sweet fix!

Ice Cream Alternatives

Homemade Smoothies

The great thing about making your own smoothies is that it can be chock full of nutrients while still appealing to that sweet-tooth. A simple online search will give you a plethora of smoothie recipes to choose from. Check out this recipe for a Berry Smoothie.

Sugar-Free Ice Cream

When sugar-free ice cream first came on the market the places you could get them were few and far between. Now you can find sugar-free ice cream at just about any store. Not only that, but there are many varieties as well.  You don’t have to stick with just vanilla anymore! That is, unless you really want to.

One-Ingredient Sorbet

Fruit is wonderful because they are already sweet foods that don’t necessarily need added sugar to make them enjoyable. Try this watermelon sorbet that only requires one ingredient and a little bit of patience while it’s being made.

Make Your Own Frozen Yogurt

Be aware that if you get frozen yogurt from the store or from a shop that it can still contain lots of added sugar. If you make it yourself, then you can be aware of what is being added and that it is still conducive to your diet. Most healthier frozen yogurt recipes have honey or agave nectar as the sweetener. Take a look at this Peachy Frozen Yogurt recipe.

There you have it! Some alternatives to that little ice cream problem.  As you, the senior in your life, and your loved ones enjoy your summer treats remember to:  1. Consume in small portions: smaller portions can still satisfy without the high calorie intake; and 2. Follow doctor orders: If doc says don’t eat watermelon, and you say ‘well, I was reading this blog…’  I will deny everything. Don’t blame me…listen to your doctor.

Happy Snacking!

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