We can’t really express how thankful we are because what In Home Personal Services has done for our lives with their sponsorship program has been huge!

In Home Personal Services values diversity and equal opportunity in the workplace. This company was built on those notions and we want to help as many people as we can and give them the opportunity for a better life for themselves and their families. One way we have achieved this is through our Sponsorship Program. We are happy to see many who have gone through our program (many of which still current employees) have gone on to even become U.S. citizens!


What You Can Expect To Learn  At Our Event:

We will provide details about our sponsorship opportunity, attorney contact information, and how we work with attorneys to expedite the process.

We will discuss potential costs for attorney’s services and how you can get these fees covered up to 100%. This is our way to show appreciation for working with our company.
You will meet caregivers who will share their stories being involved in our sponsorship program. Today they have work authorizations, green cards, enjoy permanent U.S. residency, and have gone on to become U.S. citizens!

There is never any “fee” paid to our agency ever for this program. You will of course be asked and required to remain working with our agency or participating franchisees during the sponsorship. But once have completed the sponsorship program and have achieved the proper immigration status the sponsorship program ends and you are free to exit the agency. There are no long-term contracts for continued employment. We of course welcome you to stay with us, as many have, but once the Sponsorship Program has achieved the desired result, you are free from any obligations with us. We want to help others; this is just one other way we say thank you.

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