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Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors

Spring is the season to clean your home and get organized, and seniors are no exception. Participating in spring cleaning can help to boost a senior’s mood while clearing out anything that might be harmful to their health.

While spring cleaning is easier for others, it can cause safety problems for seniors. It’s important for caregivers and family members to assist seniors in the cleaning process and help them with tasks they are unable to complete.

Here are some tips that will make spring cleaning a safer and more organized process for seniors:

Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors

  1. Check your smoke detectors and fire extinguishers

You should be sure to check your smoke detectors on a regular basis, but also include it in your spring cleaning plan. Make sure the batteries are functional and change them out if necessary. Get assistance with changing the batteries, especially since smoke detectors are in hard to reach places.

Also check the expiration dates on your fire extinguishers to make sure they are up to date. Ensure that you have at least two fire extinguishers in your house.

  1. Clean out the medicine cabinet

Be sure that your medications are well organized and never mix old prescription drugs in with new ones. Check the expiration dates on all prescription medications along with over-the-counter medications and throw out anything expired.

Medications should be stored in cool, dark, dry places. Check to make sure that you are properly storing them.

  1. Clean up clutter

Having too many items on the floors, or even too much furniture, can be a huge safety hazard for seniors. Trips and falls can be prevented by cleaning up any clutter of objects lying around. Additionally consider removing any throw rugs to prevent injuries from slipping.

Also clean up clutter on your counters to maintain a more organized, simple space. Think about which items you use on a daily basis and keep those items out. For items you don’t necessarily need daily, such as certain countertop appliances, keep them stored on shelves.

  1. Don’t move heavy items by yourself

To prevent injuries, never try to move heavy objects or furniture on your own. Also get someone else to assist you when moving items around. Also never stand on a ladder or chair to clean hard to reach spots. It’s important to stay safe while spring cleaning, especially if you have reduced strength or mobility challenges.

  1. Use bins to stay organized

Bins help with organization and they can also give a home to any clutter on your floors. You can easily store away craft supplies, gardening tools, holiday decorations, and anything else you do not use on a regular basis.

Take note that it’s better to use smaller sized bins because they will be easier to move in and out of storage.

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