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Staying Active with Exercise

Staying Active

We all know the importance of keeping active throughout our lives. It can help your body to stay in shape, prevent certain diseases, and reduce arthritis associated pain. When it comes to seniors, it can also help them to stay mobile and independent, while benefiting health both mentally and physically.

With active exercises it is important to have a mixture of various physical activity. This will help balance your exercise plan as well keep your workouts interesting and fun. Base your exercises on the four building blocks of fitness: Balance, Cardio, Strength & Power Training, and Flexibility. Of course, speak with your doctor first to see what exercises are appropriate for you to participate in. Here are some examples of exercises that fit the building blocks:

Building Blocks of Fitness


Types of exercises:  Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Posture Exercises

Why it helps: Balance exercises help to maintain stability and stay upright.


Types of exercises: Walking, Swimming, Hiking, Dancing, Tennis, Stair Climbing, Cycling.

Why it helps: Cardio uses large muscle groups and gets your heart pumping, improving blood flow. Cardio also helps lessen fatigue and shortness of breath.


Types of exercises:  Body Weight Exercises, Machines, Free Weights, Elastic Resistance Bands.

Why it helps: Strength training builds up muscles with repetitive motions using weights, body weight, or external resistance.


Types of exercises: Yoga, Stationary Stretches, Movement Stretches, Dancing.

Why it helps: Stretching and flexibility helps your body stay lean and limber, and increases range of movement.

Some easy ways to start exercising are to find a local class such as aerobics classes, water aerobics classes, and senior fitness classes. Don’t forget that having a healthy diet can assist your fitness and making it more effective.

Happy exercising!

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