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Drinking Wine As We Age

Red wine has long been thought and found to have health benefits, but as we age is it still beneficial? Older adults have less water in their bodies, so the alcohol they drink does not dilute at the same rate as when they were younger. With more alcohol circulating in the blood, older adults are more likely to feel the effects of alcohol quicker. Additionally, as we age our metabolism slows down, so alcohol effects last longer.

The American Heart Association recommends that if you are going to consume wine or alcohol to do so, of course, in moderation. For women that means one 4 oz. glass of wine per day and for men one to two 4 oz. glasses of wine per day. The American Heart Association also urges non-drinkers not to begin drinking simply for the health benefits. If you do not drink it is better health wise to stay a non-drinker than to begin consuming alcohol.
It is good to know what kind of benefits wine can have. It is also important to know what the cautions are of drinking and how it can affect your body. With that being said, let’s get into benefits and cautions for seniors!



So I Can Still Drink Wine?

It depends. There are benefits, but there are also risks. Speak to your doctor. Letting your doctor know how much you are drinking and what you are drinking will help them to effectively determine if there are risks. Yes, they will counsel on the potential hazards of alcohol and medication, and that’s to ensure safety. If you feel like you may be having a problem with the effects of drinking or are drinking too much, talk to your doctor. They can guide you as to the next steps.

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