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The Work Culture of IHPS – An Interview with Jennifer Schmidt

An important element to the work culture at In Home Personal Services is the ability to be in tune to the needs of people. Not only does that include clients, but also the families of clients, employees, and outside sources. When IHPS is able to offer the specific care and assistance that clients need, this helps both employees and clients feel proud of the work that is being done, and helps foster meaningful relationships across all fronts. “It’s nice to see how a loved one can stay in the comfort of their homes and still get the care they need,” says Jennifer Schmidt.

Finding the Right Care

Jennifer is one person who knows the importance of finding the right care for clients, because it just so happens to be her job. As the Community Nurse Liaison, Jennifer provides all the assessments for potential clients who need live in or hourly caregiving. “I help the families to set up the care that best suits them and their loved one’s need. This is especially important to see what the needs of the client are and what skill set the caregiver needs to have to take care of them.”

Being able to determine the right care for patients takes a special skill set indeed, and sometimes that involves knowing when outside sources are needed.

"...If you don't have the passion in your heart, then your brain may not matter. "

Reaching Out

IHPS deals in the non-medical side of caregiving and assists with daily activities such as active exercises, medication reminders, assistance with safe showering and dressing, incontinence care, and meal preparation. So when the client has needs that require medical care it is helpful to have a solid relationship with a company that offers that care within the home. As a matter of fact, one thing that Jennifer values most about IHPS is the ability to “tap into the medical side of our sister company when there is a true need.” The medical side Jennifer speaks of is Bowes In Home Care – a home health agency that specializes in skilled medical care, and the sister company to IHPS. “…We have the medical and non-medical sides,” Jennifer emphasizes. “We have a lot of intelligent people working here and we see their passion to help and heal people. Families do love this, especially when a need is present with any nursing/PT/OT/SW. It shows the [client’s] family and client how we are a family here and able to tap into the support measures we have.”

When Passion and Purpose Helps

Working at IHPS means that you are surrounded by a group of people who have that passion to help and heal. We’re not just talking about the caregivers and home health aides, but also those who work in billing, HR, training, etc. Each of those people strive to their best so that those in the care of IHPS can receive the best. As Jennifer puts it, “In my experience, if you don’t have the passion in your heart, then your brain may not matter.”

Not only that, but having passion and a sense of purpose in your line of work helps when stress comes about, and it will come about. “In this line of work,” Jennifer says, “there will always be stressful situations. How you manage it is the key. What is important and what to let go.” Managing stress is easily said, but we all know that sometimes it can be difficult to actually achieve. Putting things in the right perspective can often create positive momentum, even when times are difficult. Jennifer also believes that taking cues from directors and others in your field can help in many situations. “I do believe employees can gain support and expertise from experienced managers and clinicians.” Leaders who show an optimistic attitude can help their staff creative a more positive mindset, which leads to an overall more positive environment. 

Thank you, Jennifer, for taking the time to speak with us and share your thoughts! If you are looking for a position where you can enhance the lives of others and be in an environment where you feel supported, then contact In Home Personal Services. We have openings for CNA’s and caregivers throughout Chicago and its suburbs; Rockford, IL; Arlington, TX; and Melbourne, FL. If you or someone you know is interested in building relationships and helping seniors maintain their independence then visit us at https://ihps.com/careers/jobs/ for our current openings! We look forward to working with you!

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